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Legal Services

If you're looking to receive compensatory money damages for your lost wages, medical bills, and advisability in addition to your pain and suffering, contact a trial lawyer and litigator that can successfully resolve and obtain compensation.

Representing You

At our firm, we represent individuals, families, the elderly, union members, and seamen. We provide quality legal assistance to family members who wish to pursue wrongful death claims on the behalf of a loved one. Our additional services include:

• Medical Malpractice
• Wrongful Death
• Construction Injuries
• Automobile Injuries
• Premises Liability
• Personal Injury

• Products Liability
• Nursing Home Negligence

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Consulting with Us

During our consultation, we review all aspects of your case. These are contingency cases, so we won't charge a fee unless there is a recovery or a need to identify potential witnesses. Some of the things we look at include:

• The Nature & Extent of Your Injury
• Basis of Your Claim
• Reviewing & Collecting Relevant Medical Records
• Discussing Representation Terms
• Negligence or Fault of the Other Party
• Limitation Periods (Time Your Claim Must Be Filed in Court)

Starting to Help You

After the consultation, we begin pursing the claim, collecting evidence, facts, records, and photographs. We also interview witnesses and contact the responsible party's insurance to resolve the case for a fair and reasonable amount.

If that doesn't work, we take the claim to court and proceed accordingly. This includes filing pleadings, taking and completing deposition, completing discovery requests, and preparing the case for jury trial.

Contact us at (888) 473-2009 in Chicago, Illinois, and let our law firm handle any legal services you need from a seasoned trial attorney.